Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Les Poèms d'young X'hal

Bonjour mes amis!

Living on planet Earth for more than ten years has opened up my minds (yes, plural), to different forms of art such as moving ones body in weird ways, commonly called dancing, using uniformly coordinated hair dipped in artificial colors and moving it around on a surface, referred to as painting and rhyming, or what it's commonly called poetry, though I've only figured out the rhyming part. I mean, why is a prose which does not have an ounce of rhyme still called poetry? That is stupid. Poetry is fun as long as you rhyme, otherwise it ain't worth even a dime.

As many of you already know, I am a budding poet ('cuz I rhyme, fellas!) who has already released about three volumes of her work. You can read them on my blog archives, titled 'Les Poèms Lämes', they're really cool and I'm sure you'll love them. If you don't, get yourself to like them.

On popular demand, I'm bringing back my amazing, witty and absolutely delighting creations in this world. But, sad part is, I'll only do them weekly.

Here's a BACK TO POETRY! poem for this week.

"Come back! Come back!" screamed the birds.
"Revenez! Revenez!" cried the turds.
Everyone was shouting.
Abandoning their outing.

It touched me way too deep

I cried to all, "My dear peep!
Fear not, for I shall be back."
And the token black guy said
"Dayyumn! That iiis WHACK!"

The waterfalls ceased to fall..

In the ballroom, danced a football..
The speakers no longer spake..
And humans would no longer mate..

Here I am, back from the break
For another, for a third take..
On every Thursday, I shall write..
Beware! I might even bite. ;)

I'll take requests, there are a few pending ones already though.
But do not worry peeps! I shall create a life out of your requests soon enough!

P.S. Origin story soon to be up!

For now..


  1. hahaha, this is awesome!! i am really having fun reading your posts! btw, even i am a poet too. i wrote couple of poems and they rhymed.

    1. And hence you've caught the essence of writing!
      Do link me to your poems.

      And I'm glad you like my posts. Some encouragement, han? :D

  2. hey,
    hi, good to read your whacking thoughts.well , mine has rhyme sometimes.(smiling)
    btw,it was good to land here.

    1. On a serious note, I feel that rhymes give the poem a song-like appeal. If both meaning and rhyming are combined, it usually results in a poem that is soothing.

      Thanks for reading! :)

  3. hahahaha, I must say that your poems have fresh appeal. Loved it.


    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler


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