Saturday, 30 March 2013

10 Signs You're a Bad GoodFriend 1

Being an alien on an alien planet is never easy. There are things one has to learn and adapt to so as not to reveal their hidden agendas. (If you noticed, I’ve still not revealed my hidden agenda, that’s why it's hidden..and I’m not revealing it. I intend to keep it that way, ok?) anyway, being alien to mannerisms of humans, I happen to make some very very very bad mistakes in the field of what humans called friendship.
If you identify with 5 or more of these, you must be one of those memory-modified aliens. Haha! Sucks to be you!

Anyway, here goes

·         Haha! Human!
You're constantly making fun of your friends and not just in pure jest..but comments that could probably hurt them. And you realize that precisely 9000 seconds later. Regretting it. But then again, you don’t apologize. Ever.
I understand that humans are weird and funny and stupid, but please, refrain from pointing it out every 15 minutes.

·         The Test.
You test your friends at each and every point of your friendship. Every day, every second for you is a heart wrenching, death defying examination of whether they are honest, trustworthy or not and each next second is a test of whether they still retain it. My experience on earth has taught me that humans aren’t very fond of examinations.

·         Fool me never.
You think 100 times before telling someone something related to yourself. Justified. I thought 100 000 000 000 times before I decided to reveal my origin. But that's O.K. with weird people around you who you want to K.O. all the time. BUT if you think 10 times even before telling your ‘friends’ a secret, you know you're a bad living creature with trust issues.

·         May the ego be ever in your favor.
Your ego goes with you everywhere. Even when you're with friends. You cannot lose it, ever.  It's oxygen for you. Your friends probably accept you for this, but believe you me, people accept a certain amount of ego, anything over that limit and you’re out of their lives. FRIENDSHIP OVER!

·         Judge them! Judge them all!
Every time they say something, you judge them. You judge their each and every move (and your own). Are they fit to be in your company? Are they good enough? Are you good enough to be with them? Do they like Batman? Do they believe in aliens? Will it ever stop? Probably..NOT.

So humans, do you identify with them? Do you think that I have gotten a completely wrong idea of bad human friendship?
What are the things in YOU that make you a bad friend?

Next 5 points up soon! :'D

Till then, keep telling yourself this, it'll make you feel better. :)

You can read the second half here:


  1. Discovered your blog very recently, and my first impression was that it was extremely unusual yet thoughtful stuff. I still feel the same way, but am beginning to enjoy your style, trying to figure out your verging-on-wicked style. It is rare that one is bitten by the bug to write; it is rarer to be bitten by the bug to write well. But only the rarest of the rare go on to do what their inner self dictates. Always be proud of your decision. Never let yourself down. :) Keep at it, nextdooralien!

    1. I'm really glad that you enjoy the style :D
      And yes, it is SO difficult to keep writing, given our attention span these days. I shall try to keep it up nevertheless.

      Thanks for the comment. :)

  2. true,,,touched my human heart


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