Tuesday, 20 May 2014

60 Productive Days of Summer

What time is it?

With exams over and the second year of my undergraduate program coming to an end, it's time I ruled the world.And since that plan is not going very well, it's time I do something about it. 

All my friends have something or the other planned for the summer and I'm just..here, writing about my plans on my almost-dead blog. I'M SO CRANKY RIGHT NOW I CAN'T EVEN MAKE FUN OF IT!

But the point is, I'm not going to let that stop me from getting out there and being productive, that's right!

Step 1 : Stop yourself from procrastinating. 

Vacations are usually wasted in procrastination. Best way to do that, is create a motivator/pressure. STICK TO IT.

Step 2 : Have clearly-defined goals.

What if there's absolutely nothing to do? That's not possible because there's always something to do. Too much time is wasted over thinking 'What do I do now? So much of free time'. Have a broad plan as to what you want to achieve by the end of your allotted time. Make sure you quantify those. (After all, this is practice for your professional life, might as well start now)

Step 3 : Do it.

Can't elaborate on this.

To ensure productivity all throughout my summer vacay, I've decided to do a #60ProductiveDays (also #SaathDinProductivityIn) wherein I will post a picture of my most productive task of the day for the next 60 days of my entire summer.

The blog will have weekly updates and instagram would have daily.

Here's to a productive summer! Cheers!

Amici, Khan Market

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